Kluane National Park

Tincup Wilderness Lodge

Tincup Wilderness Lodge

Fishing, Adventure, Relaxation.


Situated right on the shore of Tincup Lake close to the Kluane National Park in Canada's Yukon Territory, surrounded by mile up upon mile of unspoiled natural landscape, Tincup Wilderness Lodge enjoys a truly unique location. The surrounding Ruby Range mountains provide views of breathtaking beauty from dawn to dusk.

The lodge can be reached only by float plane. In order to ensure our guests' undisturbed privacy in a family environment, we limit bookings to a maximum of 8–10 guests per week. This level of occupancy also enables us to welcome groups, giving all members plenty of scope to pursue their various interests and activities.

Whether you actively engage in the various activities on offer, or simply spend your time relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet, your stay will be a truly unforgettable experience.


3, 4 or 7 Nights
Mid-June – Mid-September
Starting at $3,600

Operator testimonials


Lukas H.

The Tincup Wilderness lodge is a unique place; both the wilderness and the luxury are combined. We took a float plane from Whitehorse; there is also a helicopter for trips in the vicinity. Tincup Lake is about 15 km long and is surrounded by mountains. The Tincup Wilderness lodge, which is on the shore of Tincup Lake, Is the only lodge at Tincup Lake; everything else is untouched nature. Guests can enjoy the unspoiled nature, fishing, hiking or climbing the mountains around the lodge. Meinrad, the owner/operator, has an eye for detail; at the same time he honours the splendour of nature. It is truly a lifetime experience.


Rose Anne M.

I feel so lucky to have found Tincup Lodge. It was the trip of a lifetime. I arrived by helicopter from Burwash Landing after being picked up in Whitehorse. All arranged in advance by the lodge. Meinrad, the owner of the lodge, owns it and has a license to fly. What a way to arrive - the trip was incredible flying through the mountains. You arrive at this breathtaking remote location surrounded by mountains and Tincup Lake was like glass. I hiked, kayaked, encountered wildlife if you want to be active or you can sit on the deck and just soak up the surroundings. My cabin was luxurious and the food and service was five-star. I loved my time there and can’t wait to return.



I needed a Tincup rejuvenation so I went back there last week. This place is incredible, beauty is everywhere you look. We got a day of rain in showers and we could get the smells of nature all over the lake while fishing. Fishing was exceptional as usual. I even got a huge trout from the shore in front of the lodge after a few casts before dinner one night. I got a big pike too, which I was not expecting. It seems that pikes are around in the few shallower areas of the lake. We had a good time in the fishermen's/fisherwomen's lounge. A great horned owl came one night on the railing in front of the window and looked at us for a while. A mother lynx and her kittens are also a familiar sight at Tincup. They come around 9 pm and check for rabbits or smaller critters. Meinrad keeps this place very pristine. It is my #1 place to go. This place is very high-end and yet remains modest and unassuming. Congratulations Meinrad.