Tombstone Territorial Park | Less Explored Yukon

Across the Ogilvie Mountains

Terre Boréale

Trek for seven days across the Ogilvie Mountains in the remote Yukon, all the way to Tombstone Territorial Park.


After being dropped off on the shore of a small remote lake, we are alone in the land of the bears, sheep and caribou, and once the float plane has taken off again, we have only one way out: hike out to the Dempster Highway, approximately 60 kilometers from where we are. And that's what we'll do!

For a total of seven days, using paper maps, a good compass and the knowledge of our guide, we'll make our way through the wild Ogilvie Mountains, in northern Yukon. Traversing a wide variety of terrains, this trek is built for experienced hikers looking for a real challenge in a completely untouched wilderness. 

Each night, we set up camp in a new location along the itinerary and enjoy homemade dehydrated meals. At this latitude, fall colours take over the mountains in mid-August turning the green landscape into a mind-blowing show of reds and yellows. Also, at this time of year, northern lights can be seen again, offering a show you will not soon forget.

During the last couple days of the trip, we start seeing the high peaks of Tombstone Territorial Park, one of the most photographed areas in the Yukon.

After reaching the Dempster Highway, we catch up with civilization and drive to Dawson City. There, after enjoying a well-deserved shower in our hotel, we step back in time to the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush as we walk through the streets of Dawson and enjoy an evening in town. The Sourtoe Cocktail and the can-can show at Diamond tooth Gerties, the oldest casino in Canada, are not to be missed!


  • Unique trek going where no other company goes!
  • Float plane flight and drop-off at a remote lake
  • Experience true wilderness hiking for seven days
  • Good opportunity for wildlife viewing (caribou, sheep, bears, etc.)
  • End the trek by reaching Tomsbtone Territorial Park and its magnificent rugged mountain peaks
  • Discover Dawson City, the heart of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush


10 Days