Kluane National Park

Donjek Glacier

Terre Boréale

A gorgeous trek to the heart of Kluane National Park and the grandiose Donjek Glacier.


The Donjek Glacier trek is a 110 km-long loop in Kluane National Park which takes us all the way to the toe of the 56 km-long glacier flowing from the largest non-polar icefield in the world. The toe itself is no less than 4 km long and will leave you speechless. 

That is why when reaching the glacier, we set up camp for two nights and one full day is dedicated to soaking in the amazing views and resting.

Along our route, we follow an actual trail for a total of 15 km, and for the rest we make our own way using maps, a compass and our guide's knowledge of the area. Each day is quite different not only because of the constantly changing views of the mountain landscapes around us but also because we hike an incredible diversity of terrains: from trails to hummocky tundra, from hiking along a wide and flat rocky valley to following narrow bouldery creeks, from walking down scree slope to making our way up beautiful alpine meadows, from creek crossings to bushwhacking. This is a real wilderness experience, the trek of a lifetime!


  • Discover Kluane National Park and its expansive mountain views
  • Hike for ten days in remote wilderness
  • Fantastic opportunity for wildlife viewing (bears, sheep, goats, caribou, etc.)
  • Walk right up to the toe of the Donjek Glacier


10 Days
July 21 - 31