Less Explored Yukon

Exploring the Ruby Range

Terre Boréale

This is a unique trek where you get to explore the Yukon's remote wilderness for six days without carrying a heavy pack!


A two-hour drive and a ten-minute helicopter flight take us to the heart of a wild mountain range, just to the east of Kluane National Park. We explore this mountain range for six days/five nights from two base camps, each day following a different itinerary with only a day pack. Our goal is not mountaineering but rather the discovery of remote mountains where only a handful of humans, if any, come each year. Very few trails are to be found in the Ruby Range, so we make our own itinerary from maps and our guide's knowledge of the area. The only trails we may find in the Ruby Range are not man made. Bison, roaming the range for almost 30 years since their reintroduction in the Yukon, have created some easy-to-follow trails sometimes a few kilometres long before vanishing into the grass. 

The alpine meadows and mountainsides we explore are home to several species of mammals and birds. Bison, caribou, sheep and bears are among the species we have the most chances of observing, but we are always on the lookout for other animals such as wolves and golden eagles.


  • No other company offers hiking adventures in this area
  • Helicopter flight to the trekking area, offering amazing views of Kluane National Park
  • Hike for six days in true wilderness
  • Good opportunity for wildlife viewing (bears, sheep, bison, caribou, etc.)
  • No need to carry a heavy pack


7 Days