Yukon River Watershed

Yukon River – Lake Laberge to Dawson City

Terre Boréale

Paddle down the mighty Yukon River for 13 days and enjoy the views, peacefulness, wildlife, history and great food.


This is a Canadian classic canoe trip down the Yukon River all the way to Dawson City! All along the river we see artifacts from the Klondike Gold Rush era, when thousands of men and women floated down the Yukon River in hopes of striking it rich in the Klondike gold fields.

We start our adventure on Lake Laberge, which we cross with the help of motorboats as the lake can become dangerous very quickly. From the north of Lake Laberge, where we spend our first night in the wilderness together, we paddle for 12 days and no less than 600 km down the Yukon River. Each night, we stop at different campsites and enjoy delicious meals cooked over an open fire. In August and September, we look up at the starry sky each night in hope of seeing the amazing northern lights dance above the boreal forest.


  • More than 600 km of paddling down the Yukon River
  • Re-live the Klondike Gold Rush on the river as well as in Dawson City
  • Good opportunity for wildlife viewing (bears, moose, etc.)
  • Good food cooked over an open fire


15 Days
$5,425 + 5% GST

Operator testimonials


Susan L.

I travelled with Terre Boréale with Max as guide through the beautiful and remote Olgilvie Range near Tombstone. It was an amazing experience backpacking through true wilderness. Max is a highly skilled guide who has great route finding skills, and is expert in mountain and bush travel. And a sense of humour and patience! All food is home dehydrated, carefully crafted and delicious. Max is extremely knowledgeable about the birds and animals in the Yukon, and their lives and habits and is happy to impart his knowledge and passion. We saw caribou, Dall sheep, marmots, pikas, grizzlies, and lynx ... golden eagles, and peregrines and many more birds! Also the amazing aurora borealis!! It was a challenging and rewarding journey, a real immersion in the wild. Max and Milena offer a special experience. Highly recommended!


Samantha K.

Me and my sister booked two nights of Northern Lights Tours with Terre Boreále and I’m so glad we chose this company! Max our guide/company owner was amazing! He picked us up from our hotel and drove us out to some remote locations. We kept moving the first night so we could "chase the lights" essentially. He supplied hot tea, hot water bottles, camping chairs, delicious homemade cookies, and even hand and feet warmers when my sister decided to almost freeze to death LOL. The second night he took us to a different location since we had already been to the others. This was a frozen lake. We arrived just in time for an amazing northern lights display. He took some professional photos with his camera of us and emailed them to us. He also helped me program my camera for the best chance of catching some photos of the lights. Overall this was a 10/10 experience for us. I would recommend this company and tour to anyone heading to Whitehorse!


Andree I.

Six-day trek in the Yukon wilderness that surpassed all my expectations. You don't need to be a hero to do it – the guides are experts at getting ordinary mortals to do extraordinary things. Max is a remarkable guide, ably assisted by Boris. You do need to be reasonably fit and have decent gear; backpacking boots make a difference when you're hiking in the tundra. This trip ranks up there with my Annapurna trek more than 30 years ago. I cannot recommend this expedition outfit enough. I hope to do another trip with them next year!