Yukon River Watershed

Yukon River – Lake Laberge to Dawson City

Terre Boréale

Paddle down the mighty Yukon River for 13 days and enjoy the views, peacefulness, wildlife, history and great food.


This is a Canadian classic canoe trip down the Yukon River all the way to Dawson City! All along the river we see artifacts from the Klondike Gold Rush era, when thousands of men and women floated down the Yukon River in hopes of striking it rich in the Klondike gold fields.

We start our adventure on Lake Laberge, which we cross with the help of motorboats as the lake can become dangerous very quickly. From the north of Lake Laberge, where we spend our first night in the wilderness together, we paddle for 12 days and no less than 600 km down the Yukon River. Each night, we stop at different campsites and enjoy delicious meals cooked over an open fire. In August and September, we look up at the starry sky each night in hope of seeing the amazing northern lights dance above the boreal forest.


  • More than 600 km of paddling down the Yukon River
  • Re-live the Klondike Gold Rush on the river as well as in Dawson City
  • Good opportunity for wildlife viewing (bears, moose, etc.)
  • Good food cooked over an open fire


15 Days