Old Cabin at Big Salmon village (at the conflence of Big Salmon and Yukon rivers). Photo by yukonmarty.

Old Cabin at Big Salmon village (at the conflence of Big Salmon and Yukon rivers). Photo by yukonmarty.

The Yukon River

If you’re looking for a river that has it all, you can’t do better than the Yukon. It’s one of the longest in North America, the longest in the territory, and has a long history as the main aquatic highway of the Klondike gold rush.

It’s also the site of the Yukon River Quest—the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak marathon that challenges paddlers to race from Whitehorse to Dawson City with next-to-no sleep.

But you don’t have to be a marathon expert—or even an expert paddler—to enjoy a trip down this waterway. On a guided tour with a Yukon Wild operator, you’ll experience everything the river has to offer, from historic sites and wildlife sightings, to rustic camping and delicious fish dishes cooked and served on the bank.


Paddle Through History

The gold rush ended over 100 years ago, but it left behind a footprint you can still easily see today. Your guide will point out the remains of log cabins, Mounted Police detachments, old telegraph stations, wood camps, and paddlewheelers that were either shipwrecked or hauled up on shore and abandoned over 80 years ago. Chances are also good you’ll visit Fort Selkirk, the once-important settlement that has now been restored.

The Shores Are Alive

More than history thrives along this river. Watch the shores for wolves, moose, and bears. Watch the skies for bald eagles, falcons, and hawks. Watch the waters, too. They’re home to Arctic grayling and also to a world-famous salmon run. Your Yukon Wild guide will make sure you’ve got all the right equipment.

Ready to Dip In?

Your Yukon Wild guide can lead you on a single, multi-day, or even multi-week adventure along the Yukon with your option to wilderness camp or return to a cozy, cabin or lodge at night (depending on the package). Our passion is to share this unspoiled, pristine world with you – and to keep it that way. Together, we will leave no mark on the environment.

Discover the Yukon River with our adventure experts

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Set your spirit free knowing your guide is committed to getting you the ultimate outdoor adventure in a safe and eco-friendly way. With quality equipment, detailed itineraries and insight necessary to access Canada’s treasure trove of backcountry adventures, you will be in good hands.

Trust your trip to the adventure experts

Yukon Wild member operators are licensed under the Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act of the Yukon. Our experts also support eco-tourism best practices as outlined in WTAY’s Code of Conduct for Operating Wilderness Tours.

Yukon Wild adventure companies offer tours for groups, families, and independent travelers that will exceed expectations. These handpicked activities bring together the best of Yukon adventure and can expose you to a variety of stunning mountain landscapes, wildlife viewing opportunities, and the true meaning of solitude.

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