Dempster Highway

Arctic Discovery Tour

Sea to Sky Expeditions

A taste of true Canadian wilderness!


The Canadian North! It is a timeless land bounded only by horizons, where human habitation is relatively recent and very sparse. It is a land of contrasts - traditional and modern lifestyles, busy communities, and widespread wilderness. The land north of the Ogilvie Mountains is a landscape untouched by glaciation, and a witness to the tenacity of sub-arctic vegetation. We will pass isolated homesteads, visit remote towns influenced by a mix of cultures and see evidence of the indomitable character of its people, both past and present.

Sea to Sky Expeditions Arctic Circle Drive & Hike tour goes into and beyond the Tombstone Range. We cross the continental divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean in the Ogilvie Mountains and continue beyond to the Arctic Circle on the famed Dempster Highway. Stopping for day hikes along the way into the open terrain, we encounter sweeping, panoramic views of the incredible North. On route your guides will prepare tasty meals, read, and recount local stories and take you on hikes with stunning views and keep a night watch for the aurora borealis.


  • Visit Dawson City
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Hike in the tombstones and Ogilvie mountains
  • Fall colours photographic splendour!
  • Experience aurora borealis
  • Optional Tombstones Heli tour


6 Days
July 27–Aug 1, Aug 26–31, Sept 5-10
$2,399 + tax