Dempster Highway

All the way to the Arctic Circle

Terre Boréale

Join us for a great winter adventure along the Dempster Highway all the way to the Arctic Circle!


Driving on the Dempster Highway is always a great adventure, but in the winter it becomes a unique experience. Come with us on a five-day exploration along this beautiful road. Starting in Whitehorse, we drive all the way to the Arctic Circle. The frozen river banks in Dawson City and the snowy mountains along the Dempster Highway are some of the best spots in the territory for northern lights viewing.

Every night we go out to chase northern lights and try to get the most out of this journey. During the day you enjoy the comfort of an uncommon drive through the snowy landscape of mountains, lakes and rivers. With a bit of luck, we even get to see some wildlife along the highway, such as moose or caribou. In January, when the days are shorter and the sun only peaks over the mountains for a couple of hours, the land is lit by the soft blue and pink of the never-ending sunrise. Later in the season, the sun rises higher and reveals the true colours – white and blue – of this untouched wilderness.


  • Northern lights viewing
  • Discover the famous Dempster Highway in winter
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Visit Dawson City
  • Explore Tombstone Territorial Park with snowshoes


6 Days
January - April
$2,720 + GST