Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Witness their power and beauty with your own eyes

If you haven't witnessed the northern lights (aurora borealis), they are an adventure you will never forget! Photographs portray them. Poetry describes them. Science explains them. But the only way you can truly appreciate them is to witness their power and beauty with your own eyes.

Natural, mysterious and unforgettable!

Nothing compares to the allure of aurora borealis: natural, mysterious and unforgettable! As their colorful streamers sweep across the nighttime sky, the northern lights will surpass every magic act and animated feature you've ever seen.

Throughout the winter, our Yukon adventure experts deliver a northern lights experience in unforgettable style. By dog sled or snowmobile, they'll whisk you away amidst forested wilderness to photograph aurora borealis in all its magnificence. Enjoy top lodging and camping amenities in comfort while watching the greatest show on earth in the magic of an amazing wilderness theatre.