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Above the treeline – a visit to the world of the Arctic ground squirrels and ptarmigans

A winter or summer hike to explore plant and animal life above the treeline

This tour leads us on a well-maintained trail from the boreal forest onto the alpine slopes where we experience the unique conditions plants have to cope with to thrive in the North.

During our ascent, we may encounter wildlife of the boreal forest, such as spruce grouse and red squirrel. The boreal forest here is dominated by the trembling aspen with sports bright yellow fall leaves, white spruce and shrubs such as bell heather and Labrador tea. Some of the most photogenic spring flowers are the fields of lupines and the fuzzy wooly lousewort. In winter, get your camera ready for the wind-battered subalpine fir that stand guard in a clear and crisp alpine landscape.

Once we have left the subalpine fir stands at treeline, we will wander through dwarf birches until we will reach a ridge in the alpine, where we can observe Arctic ground squirrels in their natural habitat.

Traditional use of plants is a focus of the tour as well. We can taste Labrador tea and you will learn to recognize yarrow which is used as a medicinal herb by native people. We will keep our eyes open for wildlife such as sheep, caribou, coyotes, rock ptarmigan and eagles that make the mountains their home. If you wish to experience a wilderness hike combined with wildlife viewing and understanding of the inner workings and relationships of nature's creation, this guided hike is for you.

Rating: Moderate. Although the trail is maintained, it might be rough in sections. Elevation gain of 400 m. Price: $150 + GST, per person.

Includes: Guided mountain hike with nature interpretation and wildlife viewing

Duration: 6 hours

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  • Customized
  • Unique locations
  • Inspired by nature
  • All season
  • Diverse experience
  • A trip with a special focus
  • Nature learning


1–8 Days