Less Explored Yukon

Mount Hunt and Mackenzie Mountains

Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge & Tours

Pristine wilderness hiking and canoeing in the Mackenzie Mountains.


Experience the diverse and largely untouched wilderness of Southeast Yukon on a guided canoe or hiking trip with us. Unique multi-day excursions will take you to remote lakes, down unknown rivers, along mystic trails and into untrodden mountain areas. We are very familiar with the land and waterways of the area, and will gladly share our knowledge of nature and history with you.

Our most frequent hiking trip (Mount Hunt) leads high up into the Logan Mountains at the head of Frances Lake East Arm. After following along a vague trail we'll establish camp and continue hiking trackless above the treeline onto high ridges and summits. We'll enjoy breathtaking mountain vistas across the Mackenzie Mountains, the northern extension of the Canadian Rockies. There is always a chance to encounter caribou, goats and other animals in their natural habitats.

Alternatively we can organize various other hiking trips in Southeast Yukon, for example off the Campbell Highway, the Nahanni Range Road or the Canol Road.

On our tours, we will be travelling in small groups of like-minded people (max. 7 guests), and we'll have plenty of time to experience the many pleasures of the region. We will sleep in tents, cook over an open fire and experience sun, wind and weather first hand. There is always a chance of rewarding animal encounters, as the tour passes by pristine lakes, rivers and mountains day after day. It's the sort of a journey that will become an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


  • Rarely visited area
  • Pristine wilderness
  • Nomadic lifestyle in harmony with nature
  • Canoeing, fishing, hiking, animal observation, photography, relaxation
  • Enjoy a few relaxing days at the lodge before and after the trip


1–2 Weeks
from $2,000