Dempster Highway

Dempster Fall Splendour

Yukon Wilderness Expeditions

Spectacular colours in Canada's Arctic.


You have to see it. It's a symphony of bright and muted colours as we cross the Yukon from south to north and back again. In addition to fall colour photo opportunities, historic Yukon and gold rush communities are included. Plus our knowledgeable local guide shares insights into the environment, wildlife, culture and living in the North.  

Our trips are unique in several ways. First, we allow more time for photography or viewing by covering fewer kilometres per day. Second, we have guides with extensive history in the Yukon, so we know about places many companies don't. Third, we offer independence by being RV based, so you can stop at the site you're interested in, rejoining the group later. There is no rush to be "back in the van" and conform to other people's wishes. And they're small groups. Discover a Yukon fall on your own terms, with our expert guidance, as we travel the North together.

Here's the general itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Whitehorse, transfer to your hotel (paid for by YWEL as double occupancy), and explore Whitehorse on your own.

Day 2: We pick you up at your hotel and go to rent RVs. The cost of the RV is included in the tour price, but you must rent and sign as drivers yourselves for liability reasons. You may wish to purchase additional damage insurance or other items. You also pay for your own fuel. We then go to the grocery store so you can buy the food you want for the trip, setting your own menu. After, we assemble at our Shadow Lake base and camp for the night.

Day 3: We leave in the morning for a day of about 290 km, arriving at a lake or creekside campsite.

Day 4: Travelling on, we reach Keno City, an isolated old mining community, set in a lovely valley surrounded by mountains. Drive to the top of Keno Hill, explore the town, and enjoy the fall colour.

Day 5: A day of about 212 km, we reach the Tombstone Territorial Park campsite on the Dempster Highway, and stay overnight. Visit the Tombstone Interpretive Centre, take a hike, and enjoy the start of the Arctic environment.

Day 6: Moving north at a reasonable pace allows time to stop often, glass for wildlife, take photos and enjoy the unique landscape left by the Beringia epoch. We will arrive at a riverside campsite after about 165 km.

Day 7: A longer day of about 335 km, we keep travelling north to the Arctic Circle, then return down the Dempster HIghway to the Tombstone campsite.

Day 8: We head to Dawson City, a short trip of 112 km, leaving time to explore the town, drive out to Dredge #4 Historic Site, and take in other opportunities. There's lots to see in this gold rush town!

Day 9: We return to our base at Shadow Lake, the longest day of driving on this tour, and settle in for the night.

Day 10: We all work to clean the RVs, return them to the rental agency, and shuttle you to your hotel for the night (included in the tour cost). Once you're checked in, we'll pick you up for an evening BBQ at Shadow Lake.

Day 11: On your own to explore further (see our day trips) or fly home.

We include RV rental, campsite and admission fees as noted, two double occupancy hotel nights, safety gear, two-way radios, interpretive library, guide travelling with you in their own RV to interpret and assist, and other services.


  • Views
  • Photography
  • Guided independence
  • Local knowledge
  • History


10 Days/Nights