Dempster Highway

Arctic Circle Fall Safari

Nature Tours of Yukon

You're invited to Mother Nature's spectacular farewell to summer.


You're invited to Mother Nature's spectacular farewell to summer. 

Visit Yukon at an unique time of the year that brings together two of the most spectacular phenomena in nature: northern lights and fiery coloured tundra.

Every nature photographer dreams of shooting the aurora borealis. Few have the opportunity to do so north of the "dotted line," the fabled Arctic Circle.

The drive north over the famous Dempster Highway, the only road that crosses the Arctic Circle in Canada, will give you ample opportunity to explore the arctic wilderness and experience the majestic beauty of the in colourfull tundra wrapped mountain ranges. The most breathtaking landscapes in the Yukon are found along the Dempster Highway.

You'll travel to the center of the aurora oval and stay near the Arctic Circle for three days so you are able to see as much as you possibly can and allow you the best chances of seeing the northern lights.

Join us on Nature Tours of Yukon's most exciting photography autumn road trip in the Yukon. Fall only lasts for a very short time in Yukon, so don't miss out. Book early.


  • Visit Dawson City
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • See vast mountain ranges covered with colourful tundra
  • Experience the aurora borealis
  • Photography autumn road trip


7 Days