15 Day Wilderness Stay Package

Treffler Lake Wilderness Camp

Extended relaxation in an untouched wilderness setting


Extend your 8 day stay to a full 15 days of wilderness bliss for only $600.
Everything you experience during the 8-day stay but doubled - more fishing, more hiking, more wildlife viewing, more RELAXING!

Disconnect, enjoy the quiet time, breathe the fresh air and let yourself decompress. 
Fishing and hiking opportunities are abundant in this remote area of the Yukon. Treffler Lake offers excellent fishing opportunities for grayling and medium-sized lake trout while two smaller, adjacent lakes provide good access to grayling. The float plane can be arranged for a short 30-minute flight to another beautiful lake offering lake trout, whitefish, gralying and northern pike. In addition, there are a number of well-established trails leading from the camp in all directions providing access to Boswell Riber, Tesiln River and Indian River on light to moderate day-hikes ranging 2-6 hours in duration. Stunning views of the Teslin River Valley are easily within reach - and worth it! 
After a day of hiking, fishing, relaxing or any combination of these activities, enjoy a delicious lakeshore dinner with a home-brewed beverage then settle for the evening in while you listen to the call of the arctic loon and wait for the midnight sun to dip just below the horizon.


Quiet and remote location far away from everyday stresses

Listening to the calls of the arctic loon and watching for wildlife

Enjoying the midnight sun

High elevation hiking with breathtaking views 

Canoe fishing for lake trout, northern pike and grayling


15 Days
July - August