Tatshenshini & Alsek Rivers

10-Day Tatshenshini Expedition

Canadian Rafting Adventures

Journey through the ice age surrounded by glaciers, icebergs and wildlife on the #1 River Journey in the world.


Visit one of the most remote and pristine wilderness areas remaining in the world. Over ten days you will separate completely from your daily lives and focus your energy on the sights, sounds and people around you. This is a world-class rafting trip, but it is more than that; it is a journey that reconnects us with nature and adjusts our perspectives in life. What more can you ask for from a vacation?

Travelling through remote sections of the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska, you will encounter glaciers sitting on the water's edge and calving into icebergs in front of your eyes, all worth the journey in itself. You will also view grizzlies, eagles and several other animals and birdlife as you become one with your natural surroundings on the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers.

The journey is not solely focused on the time spent on the river. The shorter river days and long hours of sunlight allow for excursions from camp each afternoon before settling in for a campfire dinner under a star-filled sky. Two layover days also allow those who choose to attempt more vigorous hikes to take in the surrounding tundra and glaciers.

On DAYS ONE & TWO, begin your journey by heading out on the Alaska Highway to enter the Kluane National Park. Take in the scenery and bountiful wildlife before continuing to Dalton Post to settle in for the first of many sumptuous dinners at camp. The next morning, awake to a delicious breakfast and coffee, then set off on your first river day deep into the canyons of the St. Elias Mountains and raft through the most continuous white-water section of the trip before camping for the night.

On DAYS THREE & FOUR, relax as you meander through Quiet Canyon, the Oxbows and Bear Bite Creek. Take in panoramic mountain vistas and a variety of wildlife before setting camp at Sediments Creek. Spend your first layover day relaxing, or join a group hike to an open ridge and an alpine meadow bursting with flowers, and maybe continue to Goat Ridge to view glaciers.

On DAYS FIVE & SIX, raft through the Monkey Wrench before passing the O'Connor River, and take in the spectacular scenery as the valley broadens. As the river expands, lose track of its flow and take in its colour caused by the presence of glacial sediment. After meeting the confluence with the Alsek River, set camp at Melt Creek and recover from SOS (Scenic Overdose Syndrome).

On DAYS SEVEN & EIGHT, slowly travel down the Alsek to reach Walker Glacier where you will settle for lunch before hiking near the glacier to marvel at its seracs and crevasses. Come morning, cut through the Barbazon Range, pass by the massive Novatak Glacier, and take in views of Mount Fairweather.

On DAYS NINE & TEN, enter the ice age on the breathtaking Alsek Lake filled with floating icebergs. Row through the lake in a once-in-a-lifetime experience before camping a final time. Float down to Dry Bay, Alaska on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, then hop on a scenic flight back to Whitehorse, Yukon where the group will gather a final time for a dinner among friends, old and new.


  • Three to four hours per day on the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers with Class I–III rapids
  • The river valley is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing glaciers, icebergs, tundra, alpine meadows and a variety of fish and wildlife
  • Instruction and leadership from expert guides
  • Complete state-of-the-art rafting and camping gear
  • Multi-course gourmet meals and beverages


10 Days
$6,999 + GST

Operator testimonials



It was a trip I will remember with much fondness. We especially enjoyed paddling among the icebergs to retrieve ice and a very fast dip in Alsek Lake when the sun came out to warm our bodies. One of the grizzlies wandered around us at a very safe distance for about an hour, so this was also a highlight. Collectively, we thought Leon, JC and Jordan did an excellent job as guides and trip leaders. They were not only adept on the water, but truly took care of us in many other ways. It is humbling to see all that they do in a day. The food was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Most of us are just hanging out in Whitehorse for a day or two. Although the warm room, clean sheets and comfortable beds are great, I'm finding for myself a bit of melancholy that this trip is now ended, and the busyness of civilization has returned.



From top to bottom the experience was fantastic. The guides – Leon, Jeremy, and Jordan – were amazing. They were warm but professional, safety-conscious but fun, able to manage a range of personalities with no discernible tension. The natural beauty was spectacular -– really amazing.  And the food – the chow these three put out was nothing short of miraculous. We could not believe the range of food nor the ability to serve fresh produce and meat through to the very last day. And they made really good coffee. Most importantly, all three seemed to really enjoy what they were doing – can’t say enough about how much that contributed to the guest experience. These are three very talented professionals.



It was an amazing trip living up to its billing as one of the continent's best river trips. The trip had special meaning for me as I had been in the area long before it was a park doing some biodiversity surveys for the BC Provincial Museum but had never been on the Tat or Alsek rivers. We have nothing but praise for the three guides and their professionalism in navigating the rafts, setting up camps, cooking the meals from fresh food, and managing a diverse group of people, keeping it safe but fun.