Tombstone Territorial Park

If you’re the sort that’s drawn to the Yukon to rediscover what the world was like before civilization “improved” everything, Tombstone Territorial Park is for you.

The Land Before Time

Physically, the park is just north of Dawson City, easily accessed by the Dempster Highway. But to enter the “Patagonia of the North” is to return to the time when the only people here were the First Nations: the Tr'ondek Hwech'in, Na Cho Nyak Dun, Gwich'in First Nations, and the Inuvialuit people. Everything else was wildlife: Caribou. Moose. Dall sheep. Bears. Wolves. And the beautiful gyrfalcon.

This is the land where craggy, black granite pinnacles point to the sun. Where hidden valleys are settings for crystalline lakes. Where every summer the tundra explodes in a crazy carpet of colours that delight the eye and confound the camera. And where the only forces that have truly touched the landscape are wind, water, and glaciers—except in the northern Beringia areas where the glaciers did not form, and where mammoths, steppe bison, scimitar cats and other giants of the ice age roamed.

The unique landforms, life, and heritage found in this 2,100 km2 are now protected for all time. So how would you like to explore them?


Your Guide to Pre-History

Grizzly Lake - Tombstone Territorial Park. Photo by Marc Shandro.

Grizzly Lake - Tombstone Territorial Park. Photo by Marc Shandro.

One of Yukon Wild’s qualified adventure guides can make this experience unforgettable. Together we’ll head to the backcountry, following routes only the experts know, seeing things few will ever have the privilege of seeing.

We’ll helicopter into the heart of the mountain range, don our packs and go scaling passes and descending into valleys before camping for the night by a pure, clear lake.

With one of our expert guides at your side you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unique flora and fauna of the area, which includes insects found nowhere else on Earth. You’ll also be in the company of someone who understands how to appreciate wildlife that calls the Tombstones home. Best of all, we’ll share our passion for preserving this magnificent ecosystem with our “leave no trace” style of exploring.

Discover Tombstone Territorial Park with our adventure experts

Second look out point - Tombstone Territorial Park. Photo by Glenn Sundeen.

Second look out point - Tombstone Territorial Park. Photo by Glenn Sundeen.

Go wild on a multi-day adventure led by the Yukon's most experienced, fully licensed guides. Set your spirit free knowing your guide is committed to getting you the ultimate outdoor adventure in a safe and eco-friendly way. With quality equipment, detailed itineraries and insight necessary to access Canada’s treasure trove of backcountry adventures, you will be in good hands.

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Yukon Wild member operators are licensed under the Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act of the Yukon. Our experts also support eco-tourism best practices as outlined in WTAY’s Code of Conduct for Operating Wilderness Tours.

Yukon Wild adventure companies offer tours for groups, families, and independent travelers that will exceed expectations. These handpicked activities bring together the best of Yukon adventure and can expose you to a variety of stunning mountain landscapes, wildlife viewing opportunities, and the true meaning of solitude.

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