Horseback Riding

Experience it all in the Yukon

In Canada's Yukon, you can find the ultimate horseback riding adventure from day trips out of Whitehorse to multi-day horseback riding vacations and pack trips set amidst the pristine mountains, lakes and wilderness. Being above the treeline, your vantage point will let you see further afield which will be great for spotting wildlife like sheep, caribou, moose and bears.

Meander over Yukon's panoramic peaks 

Experienced backcountry guides will take care of everything from tacking up to preparing that gourmet meal you’ll still be talking about. Sleeping under the stars, in a wall tent, or a working trapper’s cabin is your choice. Either way, make sure to take in that never-setting sun and squeeze every little bit out of this unique northwestern experience.

Meander over panoramic peaks filled with Arctic lupine and mountain avens. Catch your lunch in stream or creek crossings along the way. Breathe that fresh mountain air with not a sign of civilization or another soul. These simple pleasures, shared with your calm and steady companion, will make your Yukon horseback adventure a trip of a lifetime.