Dog Sledding

Mush! Gee! Haw!

Terms that will roll off your tongue as you and your four-legged companions whisk through forests of white-capped white spruce. Feed off the energy through the harness as these dogs pull you with power and grace through the wilderness to your remote cabin on the lakeshore.

Discover Yukon's dog sledding with our adventure experts

Your guide will ensure you are dressed well and teach you to harness a team, the basics of mushing, and most importantly, dog care. Whether they hand you the keys or you sit in the basket, a dogsledding adventure in Canada’s Yukon is filled with wide-eyed wonder and exhilaration.

You'll find dogsledding adventures for every level of musher, from beginner to expert. Head out on a short day trip and imagine you're in the famous Yukon Quest. Or spend a week with the "dogs packed tight" on a winter camping experience with wall tents and see the northern lights. With the dogs fed, watered and asleep, sit back, enjoy a warm drink by the fire, and enter the storybook world of a Yukon winter.