Travel the Yukon by boat and see it all

Traveling by boat in the Yukon adds another dimension to your adventure-filled vacation. Your Yukon guide will cruise you from point to point picking out natural wonders, historical highlights and wildlife along the way. Glassy calm or with a little northwesterly chop, boats that tour these waters are outfitted for comfort, sightseeing and setting up camp.

Kusawa Lake like glass by wheeldog, on Flickr

Kusawa Lake like glass by wheeldog, on Flickr

The mighty rivers are Yukon's natural highway

First Nations have hunted and fished along them and paddle wheelers have carried passengers to and fro. The river always shares stories of the hardships of those navigating in days gone by. The restored trading post at Fort Selkirk, the 130-foot paddlewheeler Evelyn stranded at Hootalinqua, and the hustle and bustle of the Klondike Gold Rush town, Dawson City, are only small parts of this story.

Whether renting a boat for a beach picnic on Marsh Lake or building a custom tour for a week on Bennett Lake, the Southern Lakes region offers it all. For those looking for service, the boat launches, marinas, recreation sites and campgrounds of the six waterfront communities provide all the necessities. Those wishing to escape can pick a point on the horizon, zen out to the calming sound of the four-stroke, enjoy the panoramic views, and let your guide take care of the rest.