Hike the Chilkoot Trail

To call the Chilkoot a trail is an understatement. For the tens of thousands of desperate gold rushers who followed it, the trail was a saga that forever changed their souls, and cost many their very lives.


Ghosts on the Trail

Today, you can trek this historic, outdoor museum and still feel the ghosts of those long lost Argonauts of 1898. Look for discarded equipment that litters the trail, testifying to those who either turned back or tried to lighten their load so they couldmake the final push. Stop at the abandoned tent city sites and try to imagine what they were like in their day, when their population was 3,000 and amenities included saloons and restaurants. Pause at the grave markers for those who didn’t make it on their quest to the golden dream. And feel the exhilaration of climbing to the top of the golden stairs, made famous in the picture of an ant line of men, bent double under their loads, going in lockstep over the pass.

Your Chilkoot Experience

You’ll be hiking the Chilkoot in relative comfort, but even now this 53 km trail is not for the novice. With a little practice, however, most hikers can handle its moderate challenges, which include some fairly steep walks and the need to carry your own equipment. Count yourself lucky! You’ll be toting four to five day’s supplies; the miners carried a year’s!

One way to ensure your success on the trail is to go with an expert guide from Yukon Wild. Our adventure outfitters can help you obtain the necessary permits, advise or provide the right equipment (and help carry it!), help you appreciate the wildlife that call this trail home, and share with you the full story of the Chilkoot and its role in the rush of ’98.

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