A canoe trip in Yukon is, by nature, truly multi-dimensional

History comes alive as you paddle the transportation routes of the early explorers, hunters and 1898 Klondike Gold Rush prospectors. Expansive landscapes, complex geology and abundant wildlife surround you with every leisurely J-stroke downriver. Multi-day adventures like river trips on the Snake, Peel, Teslin, Yukon and McQuesten are so rich in natural and cultural history that learning comes naturally.

Discover Yukon's wildest rivers with our adventure experts

If remote is what you seek, many of Yukon's rivers don't have guidebooks and are accessed only by floatplane. Fortunately our expert guides in the backcountry have the unique natural features, abandoned artifacts and gravel bar campsites mapped out. Expect to leave the culinary magic to them, although you may find yourself adding local ingredients to the menu as you pick cranberries or catch a few Arctic grayling around the campsite.

Want to kick in the whitewater adrenaline, and still coast through flat-water? Fortunately, you can have both by choosing Yukon rivers with many moods like the Wind and Wheaton. If that wasn’t enough, add some star power with a tour of the Alsek River, a Canadian Heritage River and part of Kluane National Park and Reserve, featuring big water rapids, canyons, glaciers and icebergs.